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08 BLS Provider Skills Session


  • Prerequisite: Online completion for Part 1 (completion certificate issued by the American Heart Association required)
  • Includes Skills Practice (part 2) and Skills check (part 3)
  • No Book Incl
  • Dates other than those indicated on schedule shown on this page, are subject to approval and written confirmation.
  • Transferable, NonRef

NOTE: We strongly advise review and preparation prior to your skills session. All theories and instruction from Part 1. Skills Session is to practice and test the knowledge the student had learned/acquired from Part 1, online.

Part 1 fees are charged separately by the AHA (go to: https://www.onlineaha.org/courses/84).

Please indicate your phone number in the box provided below. Call/Email us to finalize, for dates other than those on list above. Thank you.

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